Mornings With My Wiener

Oh, my darlings. It’s been a long time.

It’s a little intimidating, this blank screen. I’ve been meaning to write, been wanting to write. It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve just been, I don’t know, just…


And that’s good, right? Life has been all, you know, lifey.

We got a puppy last November, a two month old piebald dachshund we named Hermione who promptly got sick with something obscure called “puppy strangles” and almost died. I had a massive PTSD trigger response and melted down in the vet’s office about how all my babies die and I can’t keep anything alive and nothing I love is safe. You know. Rational-like. But she healed up fine and is a wriggly little one-year-old punk now, and probably the single most photographed wiener since the Congressman from New York.

And I turned 40, snuggled in a gorgeous wooded chalet on San Juan Island with my crazy family, singing songs and drinking wine and eating amazing food and just generally being blessed as fuck. Also my husband took me skydiving, which I strongly recommend to anyone as the only appropriate response to turning 40. More on this later.

In the almost-year since I’ve undergone some kind of unexpected cellular transformation that functionally burned away any fucks that could potentially be given about most of the things that used to mess me up. I’ve learned how to talk to people without the shadow of past trauma falling across my face and making me timid, I’ve forgiven myself for a lot of mistakes made in the thick of mental illness. I’ve let go of a lot of internalized misogyny and subsequent idiotic expectations of what my body is supposed to look like (which, ironically enough, resulted in a previously unimaginable enjoyment of going to the gym and the loss of about 10 pounds. Can’t make this shit up.). I spontaneously and with almost no discomfort cut back my drinking by about 90%, which has been a serious and quite literal eye opener. Mornings these days are pretty awesome.

And we are still childless. (Well, besides the wiener.) And that’s almost completely ok with me. I still have moments that hit out of nowhere like a dirty bomb of grief and resentment, but they’re pretty quick and I can get back to ground zero-fucks in jig time. I spend a lot of time with women who are still in the thick of it, still drowning in the horror and helplessness and bitterness of infertility and pregnancy loss, and that gives me the opportunity to pass along the little lifelines I picked up in the years we struggled with it. And god, I love that. There’s a special kind of healing that comes from giving to others what you desperately needed and couldn’t find yourself.

Yesterday I had the very great honor of being treated to lunch by a reader of the blog, which felt like the final nudge I needed to sit down in front of this sternly intimidating blank screen and start making words. (Thanks S!!!!) Last night I dreamt of all sorts of creative doings: women’s living spaces filled with gorgeous fabrics, precarious forest paths winding down to steep shorelines and towering tides, a sudden impulsive decision to try out for a traveling opera company. Rich, risky, colorful, frightening, ecstatic. I’m feeling again the moral obligation to be loud and loving with this stuff, to speak where we’ve been silenced, to embrace where we’ve been isolated, to honor where we’ve been made invisible. Or, more accurately, to do all this more publicly, as I’ve been doing it in the safe confines of my beautiful 16th floor office with my clients the whole time. I’m ready to roll, y’all.

Does anyone know how you get a TED talk? (I’m asking for a friend…)

And introducing my wiener…



8 thoughts on “Mornings With My Wiener

  1. Katy says:

    We had to take our pup to the vet ER last Friday night and I had that same “rational” reaction (we just had our 2nd loss a couple weeks ago – a daughter at 27 weeks). Thankfully it was just an allergic reaction. Glad to see you writing again.

  2. maybebaby says:

    How lovely to see you back! I so love your writing style. It was uplifting for me during a very difficult time. It’s great to see you’re doing well and your pup is adorable!

  3. Your weiner is exceptionally cute. I love this post. I’m not quite where you are… Still drowinging in the infertility to some degree and definitely bogged down by the weight… But able to see a time when I run out of fucks and reclaim something important. Thanks for this xxx

  4. Oh my gosh. I was dealing with grieving my 17 week loss (#2 of 4 miscarriages) when we almost lost my dog…totally relate!!! Here’s the post if you want to read. Love your writing. And happiest of birthdays to you! To get to that point of not giving a shit (mostly) is pretty awesome. Keep it up, my friend.

  5. i’m so glad to see you here again, and your wiener is ridiculously adorable! i hope someday to be in as good of a place as you are. ❤ to you.

  6. You are an inspiration. Love hearing your voice again!

  7. “There’s a special kind of healing that comes from giving to others what you desperately needed and couldn’t find yourself.”

    BOOM! This. I f*cking love your truth bombs ❤ XOXO

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