Brief Bidness Break

Ok, a couple of blog-bidness items. First of all, somehow I got cited on this amazingly awesome clearinghouse of blogs written by women who are dealing with ladybitz issues, and then they were kind enough to put me on their blogroll. So here is the link to that amazingly awesome site. I am totally blog-challenged and have not yet figured out how to get back to the page where I can add links to other blogs on my homepage, but I am working on that. In the meantime, peruse and enjoy.

Second, I am TOTALLY OVERWHELMINGLY STOKED by the response I’ve been getting to this blog. I know, it’s probably not all that unusual, but the fact that people I don’t know in countries I’ve never been to are reading this makes me feel like Sally Field on uppers. Tonight I looked at the list of countries where people are reading this and I very nearly fell off the couch. What UP, Montenegro? Talk to me, South Africa! Seriously, y’all. This shit is downright surreal.

Maybe there’s more of an interest in New Guinean shark-fat enemas than any of us ever realized.

5 thoughts on “Brief Bidness Break

  1. Thumbalina says:

    It’s fun, isn’t it?! This blog, when I started it, was really just a reference guide, so when I ran into another two week wait symptom obsession and “itching scalp” was a said ‘symptom’, I could look back and see if It happened before with the same negative end result. The more I wrote, the better I felt, and to see women from Singapore, the Netherlands, US, Canada and England be able to connect, relate and empathize with what I am going through, is incredible. I think what I love most, is that there are so many women that ARE listening, and each of them give enough of a shit to read our rambles, obsessions, our bad days and our hopeful days, and respond accordingly, with the same “I am right there with you” words that you need to hear.
    I really enjoy your posts, so keep writing and I’ll keep reading (from Chicago), and hopefully your words will continue to move around the world and offer inspiration and a sense of connection making them/us feel less alone.

  2. gradualchanges says:

    Hahaha…. We like you, we really like you. But seriously, we do. Your posts are well written, intelligent and thought/emotion provoking. As we each travel this bumpy IF road, it’s nice to have others to share the good and bad with. Congrats on the props, keep up the good work.

  3. I quoted and recommended you on the Stirrup Queens weekly round up a few weeks ago. I think your writing is fab & I LOVED that post I quoted.

  4. newtoivf says:

    I had someone from Bermuda …made my day!

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